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Welcome to Fire In My New Shoes!

FIMNS is a level 25 social raiding guild that started on 24-06-2011, we started small with few friends and some ex-guildies that wanted the same goal. A Casual rading with progress which we booked in the first 3 raids we went as guild.

Lately I noticed that the spirit we had in first months slighty slipped away and helping the guild aswell the members in the guild still counts as main goal. Play this game with fun and helping others gearing up and taking care of ure own business and also guild business.

Yess I'm still proud of all of U! And yess ofcourse u all are important for this guild, but I would like to ask u kindly to help the guild on several achievements, which u will benefit from.

For example: professions, dungeons, and many more.....

I will change some stuff around, which will have some changes for all.

About raiding I would like to make a core raid team. A team that can raid together everytime, so we all get to know the tacts faster, and eventually try heroic bosses in the current raids.

We hope everyone will have a great and fun stay in Fire In My New Shoes! :)

With kind regards,

Your loyal Guildmaster
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Fruitvliegje, Jul 19, 11 7:20 PM.
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European: Kor'gall (PvP)
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We are not recruiting for our PvE raiding group.

We ARE recruiting for our PvP battle group! For that, ask for one of our officers in-game.

Any social player is welcome :)
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